How to Earn Money From YouTube ?


Do you know that you can earn millions of millions of dollars through Youtube? Although you do not have to do much for this, you only have to share 1 percent on your YouTube channel. Although we are not saying to you that you will become a celebrity of YouTube in a single night, but it is so important that you can earn big money through it, there are many examples in front of us, which you can only through YouTube Only millions of rupees are earning. You have to move some small steps forward, and you will see how you will start earning money just like other people.

Some Easy Steps To Make Money From YouTube

You also have to remember one thing that you will not start making money on the same day as your YouTube channel. Although you can create your YouTube channel, and how to earn money after this, we are going to discuss it today.

Create your YouTube channel

None of you can start your YouTube channel using your Gmail account. Although this is a simple step, and you are not going to give money. But you can make money from YouTube by following steps easier.

1. For starters, open from your Gmail account.
2. Now click on the YouTube logo on the left corner
3. Now click on my channel, it is going to get you in the drop down menu
4. Now a box with your name on which you will see ‘set up your channel on youtube’
5. Now update your channel to your personal details

Find a place for your YouTube channel

Whatever work you are most interested in, you can start working through it on YouTube.


1. If you sing well, then let people see it
2. If you give good speech, tell people through YouTube that you can do this
3. If you are a teacher then you can read on YouTube
4. If you have information about fashion or technology then you can do the same.
5. If you are Foodie then you can start the channel connected to the food

It means that you can put videos of anything you like on your YouTube videos, if people like it?

Make Content Strategies on YouTube Video

You have to keep the biggest attention of this thing before you create any video before you pay more attention to the content shown in this video. Now if your video has become viral. So no one can be good about this. However, you have to pay attention to why a video has become viral.

Connect your YouTube channel with AdSense

To do this you have to follow Steps with a few easy steps, let’s now know how you can do this.


1. Go to your YouTube channel and click on My Channel
2. Now click on video manager
3. Now you have to click on the channel option which is visible in the left side.
4. Now you have to click on the link next to Monetization
5. Now after reading the terms and conditions, click on all the boxes and press the button of the Accept
6. Now you will find that Monetization Channel is seen in the headings, this means that YouTube’s partnership has become active here
7. Now click on this Monetization option, click on associate an AdSense account to find answers to the questions available here.
8. After that the adsense will start on your account

Use the best tool for video

If you have a question about how to create your own video then your answer may be that you shoot from your mobile. However, you should use the best and most different tools for video so that your video becomes more attractive and more effective.

We hope that you can make money through your YouTube channel by adopting these easy steps, although if you have some ideas other than this, then tell us, we can share it with many other people as well. Well try.


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